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Selected Publications
  Using Visual Analytics to Understand Emoji-first Communication. Jasmine Shih, Ranjitha Kumar, Eric Shaffer, and Sujay Khandekar. Poster. IEEE VIS 2019.
  Efficient parallel optimization of volume meshes on heterogeneous computing systems
Z Cheng, E Shaffer, R Yeh, G Zagaris, L Olson
Engineering with Computers, 2017
  Deferred ray-tracing using intersection binning
AI Ellis, EG Shaffer, JC Hart
High-Performance Graphics (Poster). 2017.
  Simple and effective GPU-based mesh optimization
E Shaffer, Z Cheng, R Yeh, G Zagaris, L Olson
Parallel Computing: Accelerating Computational Science and Engineering, 2014.
  CoMoTo: the collaboration modeling toolkit
C Meyer, C Heeren, E Shaffer, J Tedesco
Proceedings of the 16th annual joint conference on Innovation and technology, 2011.
  A toolkit for parallel overset grid assembly targeting large-scale moving body aerodynamic simulations
G Zagaris, MT Campbell, DJ Bodony, E Shaffer, MD Brandyberry
Proceedings of the 19th international meshing roundtable, 2010.
  A multiresolution representation for massive meshes
E Shaffer, M Garland
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2005.
  A multiphase approach to efficient surface simplification.
M Garland, E Shaffer
IEEE Visualization, 2002.
  Efficient adaptive simplification of massive meshes.
E Shaffer, M Garland
IEEE Visualization, 2001.